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With the tackle division, please read the rules and the format for this division before you sign up. We have taken years researching and monitoring other programs. We have questioned parents on things they liked and didn’t like. We have asked high school coaches their opinions on the best way to present and teach the game of tackle football. We feel that we have put together a great program for your child to learn the game of tackle football and to be ready for the future.

Here are some things that will be different and some of the highlights of this division:

-Full Equipment Supplied (shoulder pads, rib, knee, thigh & tailbone pads,helmet, concussion cap & mouth guard)

-16 Man Rosters (11 playing and mandatory ½ game playing time)

-4 Coaches Per Team

-No Kickoffs or Live Punts (eliminated high injury plays )

-Mandatory Scrimmages during August

-Certified Referees

-High School Camps to Help Teach Techniques

Optional equipment that is allowed:

-Protective cup

-Forearm and hand pads & gloves

2018 Tackle Prices

   $100 commitment fee due at registration
+ $185 due at equipment pick up (July)
= $285 TOTAL to play (additional $10 non-resident fee)

Tackle Division - 165 lbs

Each Player will receive $100.00 in raffle tickets to sell. You will keep the $100.00 to help reduce the cost to play. Raffle tickets will be given out at equipment pick up.